About Our Unique Medical Care

At ReMDAS, we are committed to your health, your happiness, and your well-being.

Our Story

Though ReMDAS was incorporated in 2012 the decision to pursue the concept of virtual and remote applications-driven practice was born out of a tragic abduction of an 80 year old volunteer health worker on August 20th 2008 in a remote village of south eastern Nigeria. ReMDAS founders and their ideas have struggled through various phases of actualization to bring to our clients the products and services we present on this platform through ReMDAS LLC, a services and technology company.

Our Strategy

We identified most important elements of barriers to accessible, affordable and quality care and in so doing made it our focus to overcome and address each and every element. ReMDAS is leveraging technology, patient education co- and self management initiatives to disrupt and remove traditional and persistent barriers to healthcare. Ease of access translates quantitatively to positive supply, reducing and sometimes totally eliminating barriers of distance, geography, provision of efficient provider time and resource management, reduced overhead translates to reduced and affordable cost of care that ReMDAS passes on to user communities.

Our Partners

With the ReMDAS PC partner program, your organization benefits from a novel healthcare innovative and flexible solutions for patient care delivery . Our solutions are combined with programs designed to support the PC professional and practice objectives and to ensure that you and your patients receive outstanding value and quality care.

Technologies We Use

3D and High Magnification Digital Exam Cameras

It Captures multiple magnification of the exam field way above the resolution of in-person encounter

Digital Otoscopes and Ophthalmoscope

Allows a remote distance provider to completely visualise the External Auditory Canal and middle ear and the eyes 

Digital Dermatoscope

Allows for a high magnification visualization of skin conditions and diseases 

Digital and Electronic Sound Amplification

Enables a remote and distant provider to appreciate and evaluate cardiovascular sounds using a digital ultrasound system and stethoscope